Video: Mushroom Farmers in the Ozarks Discuss the Drawbacks of 'Local'

When I stumbled upon Curly and Carole Anne, two banjo-playing mushroom farmers, I immediately fell in love. They run an all-organic farm way out in the Ozarks. Driving there took us down all types of dirt roads, over several streams and to a land where GPS and cell phones cease to exist.

Even though we had only spoke on the phone briefly, we were greeted like old friends, and what followed was three days of shiitake talking, cooking and eating. But what really struck me was less about their innovative style of growing mushrooms on logs year-round, and more about their take on what "local" means and how that can affect sustainable family farms.

Watch the video to enter into Carole Anne and Curly's banjo plucking and mushroom picking lives.

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