Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 170: A Change in Course


It's not going to be all about the number on Thinner anymore.

All right, fans and occasional naysayers of my caloric journey. I am going to take this journey down a different path for awhile. It's my journey, so I determine the route.

I read everyone's comments last week with great interest, both the positive and the negative ones. Of all the comments last week I found Teachertalk's to be the one I couldn't stop thinking about. This is what she said:

"I reread the comments last week and feel badly that they hurt your feelings. I think they were suggestions made out of love and concern, and not at all meant to be harsh. Have you considered reframing your weekly column to be more general? If you continue to make it all about Thinner, you will continue to elicit personal comments that might sting. If you instead make it about making sensible choices (maybe even not weighing yourself every week, but every 2 or 3 weeks)--and include a recipe of something delectable and dietetic that you made or someone else made for you to eat--you would reach the same audience (those of us watching our weight or trying to lose weight) but with a less personal focus. Perhaps you could include a few lines about others' efforts to avoid pigging out on the samples spread on that gigantic, calorie-laden table of yours! Or talk about low carb dishes that were delicious and didn't sidetrack your weight-watching. Just a suggestion, of course. Widening the scope of your column would widen the range of responses, yet still keep you "on track" since Thinner would be the bottom line when you include those readings."

I am going to reframe by caloric journey in the following ways:

I'm not going to weigh myself every week for the post. I think Teachertalk is right. If I weigh myself publicly every three weeks or so I will take the focus of the post off the number and still keep me on the relatively straight and narrow.

So what will the serious eaters find along the side of the road of this journey instead?

  • Mini-epiphanies and a few Eurekas! thrown in for good measure.
  • Observations and experiences that might help me and others.
  • Tricks, big and little, to help maintain my current weight loss and bring it down even further.
  • Specific attainable goals.
  • Recipes that are seriously delicious, healthy, and promote weight loss.
  • Observations and tips from other serious eaters at World HQ who are subjected to the same temptations I am.

Towards this end I want to share a few things with all of you:

  • I do exercise quite a lot. I play squash three times a week, swim twice a week, and try to ride my bike to work (10 miles round-trip) and/or to squash as often as the weather and my schedule permit.
  • I have been on medication for the past six months that does have an unfortunate side effect of weight gain for some people. I am now off that drug.
  • I have started to go back to eating half of what's presented to me in restaurants. I think it will really help.

Carey suggested I keep a food journal for at least a week or two just to see how much food we really eat at SE Headquarters, at home, and at restaurants. I bet the results will be eye-opening.

One problem that I face that the other SE'rs at HQ don't is that (especially lately) I have been having almost daily business lunches and dinners outside the office, so adding those two meals to the array of food we are constantly trying on the groaning board that is our conference table, makes it that much tougher to lose weight. This week, for example, we had a margarita taste test at the office (that I didn't participate in), a creamy peanut butter taste test (that I have also resisted to date, but may try the finalists today), not to mention the daily sandwiches, candy, and soda that invariably finds its way to our office.

That's it for now. I am excited to have made this fairly sharp turn on my caloric journey. I hope many of you will come along for the ride.