Cook the Book: 'Goat: Meat, Milk, Cheese'

co-authors Mark Scarbrough and Bruce Weinstein, we are pleased to introduce their newly released cookbook, Goat: Meat, Milk, Cheese for this week's Cook the Book.

While goat is consumed in nearly every country around the globe, the meat is still considered exotic on American shores. Weinstein and Scarbrough believe it's high time for goat to make its way into our kitchens, and they're not just talking about chèvre. Goat is inexpensive, low in calories and fat, has plenty of flavor, and isn't raised on factory farms. It seems like a natural addition to our diets of responsibly raised foods, right?

As you might have surmised from the title, Goat: Meat, Milk, Cheese is a guide to all things goaty, a comprehensive introduction to the world of goat derived goods. Recipes are divvied up into meat, milk and yogurt, and cheese chapters with sweet and savory preparations that highlight the versatility of the goat.

This week we have our larder stocked with plenty of goat goodness—cheese, butter, milk, and meat, all ready to be incorporated into a Mexican Goat Mole Rojo, Greek-inspired Braised Goat Meatballs with Artichokes and Fennel, breakfast perfect Goat Cheese Danishes, and meltingly moist Goat Cheese Brownies.

Win 'Goat: Meat, Milk, Cheese'

Thanks to the generous folks over at Stewart, Tabori & Chang, we are giving away five (5) copies of Goat: Meat, Milk, Cheese this week. All you have to do is tell us about about your favorite way to enjoy the incredible, versatile goat in the comments section below.

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