Cook the Book: 'Cooking in the Moment'

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Andrea Reusing, author of Cooking in the Moment, warm congratulations, not only on her gorgeous new cookbook but also for taking home the James Beard award for Best Chef in the Southeast last week.

At her restaurant, Lantern, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Reusing has been delicately fusing locally sourced produce with Asian flavors for nearly ten years. Some might shy away from this unlikely match of South meets East, calling others' messy attempts at "fusion cuisine" but Reusing has gone about it with an elegance and understanding of her carefully sourced ingredients.

But instead of writing a restaurant cookbook, Reusing has opted for a book of recipes from her home kitchen, one that explores seasonality in a manner that's both simple and refined. Keeping ingredient lists short and recipes brief allows Reusing's love for local produce to shine.

This week we'll be cooking our way through the spring and early summer sections of Cooking in the Moment with Garlic and Black Pepper Soft-Shell Crabs, Asparagus with Butter and Soy, and Rhubarb Ginger Sorbet.

Win 'Cooking in the Moment'

Thanks to the generous folks over at Clarkson Potter, we are giving away five (5) copies of Cooking in the Moment this week. All you have to do is tell us about about your favorite seasonal cooking moment in the comments section below.

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