8 Grilled Cheeses in America We Love

What makes a perfect grilled cheese? We've thought about this a lot. Probably too much. The bread should be crisp with enough butter involved, but not so greasy that you need a stack of napkins after. The center should be melty, creamy, salty, a tad tangy, but not too complicated or toppings-crazy. It's a grilled cheese. It's one of the first stovetop meals many of us can claim we made all by ourselves as kids.

So without further ado, the Serious Eats Grilled Cheese Honor Roll. This honor roll doesn't discriminate between basic and fancypants grilled cheese sandwiches, as long as it's irresistibly delicious. This is just a short list, so please chime in with any we left out.

We also realize that paying north of five bucks for bread and melted cheese can be silly, so here are our favorite recipes for grilled cheese-making at home.

The SE Grilled Cheese Honor Roll

Bouchon Bakery (NYC) »
Campanile's Grilled Cheese Thursdays (Los Angeles, CA) »
Brunch Box (Portland, OR) »
Cafecito (Chicago, IL) »
Caseus Grilled Cheese Truck (New Haven, CT) »
Mike and Patty's (Boston, MA) »
Cowgirl Creamery Sidekick (San Francisco, CA) »
South Philly Tap Room (Philadelphia, PA) »