Where to Eat in London

[Photo: Carey Jones]

All dated jokes about British food aside, London is an incredible food town. From high-end chefs to mind-boggling markets to thriving immigrant neighborhoods, it's a place where it's possible to eat well at every price point, of almost every cuisine.

It seems that "Where should I eat in London?" is a constant question in Talk, so in response, here are a few places I've known and loved. It's far from a comprehensive list, but based on a few months living in London some years ago and a number of return visits since, it's what I can recommend! What are your favorite London eats? Chime in with more!

For a Quiet, Cheap, Lunch: Yalla Yalla
For a Pub With Great Food: Harwood Arms
For a Pakistani-style Party: Tayyabs
For a Meal of Grazing: Borough Market
Borough Market for the Crowd Averse: Neal's Yard Dairy
For Animal Parts and Culinary History: St John
For a Blowout Brunch: Cookbook Cafe

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