Peeps Week: Peepza Rustica, a Peepsy Take on Pizza Rustica


For the final day of Peeps Week 2011, we got a guest contribution from friend of SE / Peeps enthusiast / and food blogger "Brownie" of Blondie & Brownie. Take it away, Brownie!

In traditional Italian American households, the Easter table is one of abundance, which is perhaps best embodied in the classic dish, Pizza Rustica or "Pizza Gain" a rich, savory pie laden with chopped meats (pepperoni, salami, prosciutto, sausage), cheeses and eggs. One sliver is enough to tide you over until next Easter.

If Peepza isn't your style, perhaps Peepza Rustica made from chopped Peeps (natch) minus the melted cheese and tomato sauce, might be more your speed.


First step is chopping your Peeps into little pieces. Chickies and Bunnies work equally well. For maximum Rustica enjoyment and showiness, use a sleeve of each color (yellow, orange, green, purple, pink and blue) but you can easily mix it up and make this from any Peeps leftovers.


Next prepare a white boxed cake mix as directed. I initially tried making this with a yellow cake mix but the yellow dye in the cake reacts with the colored sugar in the Peeps—go with the white cake.

My husband is in the Peep hater camp, but actually liked this cake. And the Funfetti-esque presentation makes for a colorful Easter dessert. Brownie