Peeps Week: Bouquet of Peeps (Bopeep?)


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

20110418-peeps-bouquet-in-jar.jpgWhat happens when we buy $35 worth of Peeps? Peeps Week 2011. We've celebrated the last two years, but there's always room for more Peepsperimentation beyond the predictable microwave abuse.

This Easter, show someone you really care with a bouquet of Peeps. (Bopeep? Pouquet?) Just imagine the look of glee on their faces when you whip out from behind your back, a bundle of bright, gorgeous flowers—with Peeps stuck to all the centers.

"Nobody has given me a Bopeep before! How thoughtful!" Ed was pretty jazzed about his flower delivery. It's now sitting on his desk in an empty milk bottle turned vase, conveniently leftover from our milk tasting last week.

What You Will Need: A bouquet of flowers, Peeps, rubber cement glue.


How to Make a Bopeep: All you have to do to create this marshmallowy flora is paint the stumps of the Peeps with glue, then press them firmly onto the flower centers. Try to use flowers that are more or less flat so the Peeps have an easy surface to be mounted on. Patience is important during construction—they will glide and wiggle off, but after firm pressure, will learn that they are bopeeps. This is what Mother Nature intended for them!


Here's a close-up of the finished Bopeep. You can also make a smaller version, a Little Bopeep if you will.


Only one day later, we started noticing significant droopage. Like your average bouquet, a bopeep can wilt for several reasons, typically related to lack of sunlight. Be sure to give your bopeep the proper TLC.