Video: Behind the Scenes at Lorentz Meats, a Processing Plant in Minnesota


There are many levels of eaters—from the passionate vegan to the rampant Paleo-style carnivore. Some support large farms for their efficiency; others want those with only an acre of produce, a cow, and five chickens. As for meat processing, nearly everyone is freaked out for one reason or another. Most of us hate industrial meat processing; others fret that small-scale operations are dying out.

Lorentz Meats in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, is on the small side, but it's growing. The small-is-beautiful types think Lorentz is getting too big, but the company is touted as one of the most efficient, clean, and successful processing plants in Minnesota, and widely used by small farms.

I visited the plant last year. Not wanting to delve too deep into the politics of meat processing, my approach was more focused on the actual butchering process. This episode is more of an informative music video. So, turn up the volume and learn the difference between a rib-eye and a strip. And make sure to stick to the end for a touch of insight into what makes a big processing plant.

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