Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 166: Chippy, Nutty, Buttery Speed Bumps

The Chips Box

After my 40 pound weight gain last week (all right, it was an April Fools' post) I needed and wanted to have a good week, caloric journey-wise. There have been a few hurdles at Serious Eats World HQ. We had an entire carton of Cape Cod Potato chips delivered to our door that I can assure you we did not order. Then Kettle Brand sent us a bag of their new tortilla chips, and somehow Sun Chips appeared.

Maggie brought back some almond brittle from her trip to Paso Robles, California. Ingredients sinfully simple: almonds, butter, sugar. Pure pleasure and pure caloric excess.

Finally, Alaina came into the office today (alas, without Malcolm) and though it was so great to see her (we all miss her calming presence and many talents so much) she also brought a bag of her mother's incomparable peanut brittle from North Carolina. It was a particularly good batch to boot. I urge Alaina's mom to package and sell her peanut brittle online!

Nuttery, buttery, chippy speed bumps at every turn in my caloric journey.

I also contributed to the bumpy ride this week by bringing an array of baked goods from the Blue Smoke Bake Shop back to the office after I had a meeting a few blocks from Blue Smoke. Jen Giblin's baked goods are homey, sophisticated, and seriously delicious. The mini apple crumb pie and the coffee cake are stellar.

But you know what? It's just another week at SE World HQ.

There's always going to be seriously delicious stuff floating around the office. After all, that's what we do, that's our raison d'etre. So I just have to learn to live with constant temptation by taking small, single tasted. It ain't easy, but it's absolutely necessary.


I was at 224 two weeks ago. Here goes: 225. Up a pound (Or I guess I could say I'm down 40 pounds from last week:). Can't hide behind April Fools' jokes any more. More work to do during my caloric journey.