A Sandwich a Day: Cheesesteak at Chink's Steaks in Philadelphia

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Miles from the South Philly cheesesteak rivalry that's raged since time immemorial is Chink's, a Northeast Philly short-order grill that's more than a contender. Sidle past the giant Cheez Whiz sign into one of Chink's worn wooden booths and order your cheesesteak, after being greeted with a hearty "How yous doin?"

Though we opted to pass on the "extra meat," the Chink's steak wit onions and Cheez Whiz came out oozing. Gingerly seared onions—browned, grease-kissed corners but still crunchy—cascaded over top of the Whiz. (Though some prefer provolone, the liquidy Whiz can actually penetrate through each layer and crevasse of ribboned, gooey steak—this is key.) A soft, but mildly crusty hero roll keeps this cheesesteak's contents structurally sound—for just long enough for you to finish it, that is.

Chink's Steaks

6030 Torresdale Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19135 (map); 215-535-9405