10 Grilled Cheese Recipes We Love

April is Grilled Cheese month, and since we're already more than halfway through the month, there's really no time to waste. Grab that loaf and block of cheese, and start melting! Not that you can't celebrate every other day of the year.


All About Cheese

Everything you need to know about eating and cooking with curds

Here are ten of our favorite takes on the cheese-plus-bread glory. Some of them bend the rules a bit. Are you allowed to add ham? Mackerel? What if we stuck a hamburger patty between two grilled cheese "buns"?

Grilled Cheese with Serrano and Membrillo »
Grilled Cheddar and Fennel with Curry Mayo »
Grilled Bacon, Pear, and Cheese »
Croque Madame »
The Hamburger Fatty Melt (with Grilled Cheese Buns!) »
Toasted Mackerel Sandwich »
Autostrada Sandwich »
Sage Grilled Cheese »
Grilled Cheese and Kraut on Rye »
Grilled Kimcheeze Sandwich »