Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Golden Gadgets


Desert island gadgets: Butter Boy, Mini-Prep, Stick Blender, and Magic Bullet.

Last week for our Weekend Cook and Tell we asked all of you to tell us about the one item in your kitchen that you just can't live without for a challenge we called Golden Gadgets. Responses ranged from high tech and powerful (think Vitamix, the be-all, end-all of blenders) to the tried and true (a 50 year-old flat grater, passed down for generations). Here's a look at the gadgets that get the most play in your kitchens:

According to purist IfYouCookIt, "You can suffer through using a bad pan or the lack of a spatula or having to use one tool in place of another, but you just can't start without a good foundation...a good sharp knife!" IfYouCookIt's knife of choice? A six-inch chef's knife, just the right size for tiny hands.

agoodcooker can't live without a good rice cooker, preferably this 10-cup Tiger used for rice to accompany recent meals of Japanese curry, daeji (pork) bulgogi, and Oyaku Donburi, a chicken and egg dish served over rice.

finsbigfan's most prized kitchen possession is a flat cheese grater, passed down from Mom, used for grating everything from cheese to onions.

Instead of breaking out the big food processor haburke prefers the smaller Cuisinart Mini-Prep for whipping up mayo and pesto and even chopping chocolate for cookies.

Also in the smaller-is-better camp, piccola uses the toaster oven for more than just toast. Acting like a mini-oven it bakes quick-breads and casseroles, reheats, warms, and roasts nuts, vegetables, and meats.


What would you do without your slicer, grater, rice cooker, blender, etc.?

AJ12754's mandoline has been gathering dust since the purchase of a Kyocera Slicer.

Last Christmas cooking4carnivores put together a stocking suffer list of favorite kitchen gadgets including collapsable measuring cups, magnetic measuring spoons, toast tongs (helpful for preventing pesky toaster electrocution, and the Butter Boy, the best corn on the cob related invention we've never heard of!

KarmaFreeCooking's new fave is the as-seen-on-TV Magic Bullet that's been getting a serious workout making sofrito, breakfast smoothies, horchatas, cheese mixes for grill cheeses, and a lovely strawberry mousse.

When it comes to making lovely, luscious creamy soups Sasha @ Global Table Adventure is lost without an immersion blender. Check out this Ecuadorian potato cheese soup for just a taste of the immersion blenders soup-making prowess.

Thanks to everyone who rifled through the gadget drawer for this week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: Winning Roast Chicken.