Happy Birthday, Dumpling!


[photographs: Robyn Lee and J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

It's the little Dumpster's big 0-1 today, so we decided to celebrate by popping on our paper hats, letting him run riot in the office a little bit more than usual, and treating him to his very own birthday burrito! Serendipitously, the only party hats they had at Gristede's just happened to be the ones with the little puppy paws on them. Don't worry, the candle wasn't lit so he wouldn't burn his old-man whiskers.


After having his share of burrito (ALL of it), he looks a bit like a character from Super Mario Brothers, right after being stomped on, right?

Oh yes, we also bought him a little poochini at the Shake Shack, which he enjoyed during a long walk on this very spring-like of days.


Happy Birthday, Dump-truck, here's to at least a few more!