Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 163: Granola is Delicious, But So, So Evil

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[Kumiko Mitarai]

I had deceived myself into believing that granola was good for my caloric journey, but who am I kidding? Granola can be seriously delicious, but from a caloric journey perspective it is evil. How do I find myself in this granola-compromised situation?

It all started with my wife. Doesn't it always? My wife, who is beautiful and thin, has granola and Greek yogurt for breakfast every morning. The granola she eats is made and sold at our local supermarket, Fairway Market. Because it is made on the premises it doesn't have any nutritional information on it. So one evening, when I raided the kitchen for something sweet I ended up eating a bowl of said Fairway granola. Yes, I knew it was full of caloric time bombs, nuts, dried fruit, oil, sugar, and rolled oats, but I convinced myself that hey, it's granola, how bad can it be calorically?

I'm sure most of you know the answer to that question. Granola is very, very, very, dangerous. How did I discover this?

The first time, I switched to buying another kind of granola at Fairway, Baked, from the Brooklyn bakery of the same name. Baked had the nutritional info on the package. The first hint of caloric journey trouble was when I looked at how many servings were in the 12-ounce bag—10 to be exact. How could there be ten servings in that bag? Then I read more of the not so fine print: Each serving was a quarter of a cup. That ain't much, a half dozen tablespoons is all. Here's the killer: That quarter of a cup, which is what a four year old would consider a serving, has 140 calories. So goodbye Baked granola, goodbye Fairway granola, it was great knowing and eating you. But you are Trouble with a capital T.

The Weigh-In

Thinner was being uncooperative all week. I took last weekend off and that's always a mistake. By the time I went back on Thinner on Monday I was in bad shape caloric journey-wise. The rest of the week Thinner was strangely resistant to what I thought were credible efforts made at limiting caloric intake. Anyway, here goes: 223. Down a pound from last week. Maybe my granola realization was just in time.