Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 164: Sometimes I Measure My Progress By Something Other Than The Scale


Deliciously porky lunch at Trestle on Tenth: it ain't diet food. [Photo: Robyn Lee]

I don't think Thinner is going to be kind to me this week, mostly because I was totally out of control this past weekend. I was just too anxious and stressed out to control my worst eating impulses, and by the time Monday rolled around and I got on the scale, I was in serious trouble for the week.

And yet I don't think the week has been a waste at all. Why? Because the rest of the week was filled up by many events that could have forced me over the edge, caloric journey-wise, and yet I managed to stay the course.

Monday night? Tuesday I had lunch at Trestle on Tenth, where I managed to control my worst impulses when it came to the best dishes there, the rosti and the apple turnovers. Wednesday I had lunch with a friend at a Thai restaurant I quite like, ordered my favorite pork dish with lettuce with brown rice and left most of the rice. Wednesday morning I had a business breakfast at The Lamb's Club, and though the ricotta pancakes were calling my name I opted for the fresh berries and the egg sandwich, which I ate less than half of. Wednesday night we ate at M Wells, where the food is breathtakingly good and exciting and loaded with fatty deliciousness. (Tomato soup with grilled cheese and foie gras sandwiches, anyone?) Yesterday I went to Martha Stewart's pop-up pie shop and managed to leave an hour later having tasted two bites of pie.

The Weigh-In

So I am actually feeling pretty good about how I handled a lot of these situations, though my awful weekend may preclude any caloric journey progress. Let's see. Here we go: 224. Up a pound. Neither calamitous nor triumphant as a week on my caloric journey. This weekend might be better. We'll see.