Add Peanut Butter to Popcorn

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[Photograph: Peanut Butter and Co.]

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It's hard to improve on a snack like popcorn: salty, buttery, and so addictively poppable. However, a little peanut butter and some roasted peanuts take this movietime classic treat to new heights.

This recipe is perfect for popcorn you've just popped yourself, either with a hot-air popper, the stovetop, or an electric one that uses oil. You can even pop the microwavable kind (make sure it's plain and unsalted) then dress it up to make the process even easier. Adding peanuts makes it sort of Cracker Jack-like, but this recipe uses honey instead of molasses and adds peanut butter for a double peanut whammy.

Have you ever added nuts or peanut butter to popcorn?