Congrats to the Winners of Our 2011 Pi Day Baking Contest!

At long last, we have the results from our Pi Day 2011 Baking Contest co-hosted with the folks at Instructables. This year the competition sure was fierce. Selecting the finalists from a pool of 167 entries was definitely not easy as pie. Not even one of those store-bought frozen pies kind of easy.

Herewith, the winners and quotes from them about their pie's construction and inspiration. Thank you to everyone who entered! We'll see you back here with your protractors and spatulas next year.

First Prize


Pies Are Round? No, Pi(es) Are Squared! from brooklynbrownie:

What you see before you are 101 mini pies adorned with pi to 100 decimal points, arranged in a giant square with circle in the middle and a pi symbol in the center. Circles, squares, and pi(e)s, oh my! ...The mini pie form is very versatile, you just want to be sure that whatever you decide to fill your pies with isn't 1) too watery or "juicy" and 2) is mostly cooked. The pies only bake for about 15 minutes so you don't want to rely on that oven time to cook your filling for you.

Second Prize


i pi = log(-1): EYE PIE (Chocolate Cherry Almond Panna Cotta Pie) = LOG NEGATIVE ONE (Chocolate Almond Log) by dolceael

I love to bake, and my husband, Aaron, is a physicist, so we had a lot of fun creating this pi pie. Aaron thought a play on i as "eye" would be a good starting point, so he thought of the equation exp(i pi) = -1 . Taking the logarithm of both sides, this turns into i pi = log(-1) .


Pi within a Pie by SarahPy

I was inspired by the recent "cookie within a cookie" brilliance, and I decided that I needed to figure out how to put π into a pie.


PI-CEPTION by Beanie10

Just as pi is complex, so is our pie.



314 Layer Chocolate-Hazelnut Baklava Pi(e) by angelajeanwhite

Share the love of pi with a sky high baklava pie.


Finding Inner Pi by msquaredgt

I had some doubts on the combination of this pie, pomegranate-lime and chocolate? But I have to say, It's one of the tastiest pies I have ever eaten, and the combination is so uncommon to come across...especially the dark chocolate filling with the pomegranate gelee on top!


Italian Meatball Pie by skyisblu

The ultimate comfort food - hot meatball sub, dripping with rich, savory tomato sauce and lots of melted cheese - baked into a tender bread crust pie. Can food possibly get any better than this?


Spherical Steak Pi Tourtiere by butterbeans

March 14th is pi day, the birthday of Einstein, and is also known as being 1 month after Valentine's Day (for ladies). Therefore in choosing our filling, we decided that stuffing it with steak would be most appropriate, at least according to the internet. Since we currently reside in Quebec we decided to follow flavours akin to a tourtiére. So our pie commemorates pi, the other Valentine's Day, as well as the local flavours of Quebec & Canada. Ladies take note: the way to a man's heart is not only though his stomach but also with a juicy... edible math sculpture.


Triple Berry Pie (It's diVine!) by kathrynl

This pie is my pièce de résistance. It looks beautiful and is my favorite type of dessert: berry pie.