Congrats to Our Fleisher's Meat T-Shirt Contest Winner!


Last month we teamed up with Fleishers Meats to brainstorm a new meat-themed slogan for their line of t-shirts. Over 250 entries were submitted, many meat puns were made and we thank you for all the un-vegetarian creative outpourings.

The winner (after much deliberation) is: Bacon Gives Me a Lardon submitted by SE community member smoakville bbq, who will receive a $100 Fleisher's gift certificate and of course, a tee. Yes, it's a little risque, but admit it, you chuckled.

Honorable mention goes to: "I'm not fat, I'm well marbled" (from jscarey), "I prefer a wet rub" (from benska) and "On the Lamb" (from MariaVII).

Thank you to everyone who submitted a slogan! Visit to order one of the many meat tees they sell. This one will be available for purchase in April.