The Search for America's Best Hot Dog: East Coast Contenders

Last summer, SE and Every Day with Rachel Ray embarked on an epic road trip on a mission to find America's Best Hot Dog.

Ed, Adam and I culled from our obsessive knowledge of encased meats and split up, scouring the country for three weeks eating nothing but hot dogs from Maine to Arizona and everywhere in between.

The 64 contenders for America's Best Dog were organized by region, March Madness style, with 16 hot dog joints for each section of the country (East Coast, West Coast, South, and Midwest). We did our best to represent every area of the country where people have a serious passion for hot dogs, including not only legendary spots with four-hour lines, but some of the best lesser-known joints and newer eclectic and gourmet franks that reflect recent hot dog trends.

To kick off the competition, we're doing a slideshow for each region, introducing all 64 contenders. First up is the East Coast. It's SEHQ's home base and the probable birthplace of the frankfurter sandwich (on the boardwalk of Coney Island in the late 1800s). With so many fantastic hot dogs up and down the East Coast, this region was the hardest to condense down to only 16 establishments.

The Best of the Rest

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Hawk Krall is a Philadelphia-based illustrator who has a serious thing for hot dogs. Dig his dog drawings? Many of the illustrations he has created for Hot Dog of the Week are available for sale: