Snapshots from Israel: Moshiko Falafel

Note: Each day this week, Leah will be sharing a delicious bite from her recent trip to Israel. Follow along on her Snapshots from Israel. —The Mgmt.


Follow the neon lights for some great falafel. [Photograph: Ethan Ableman on Flickr]

No trip to Israel would be complete without sampling at least a few falafel sandwiches. And since I've accumulated a fair amount of falafel experience over the years, I was excited to see if the chickpea fritters were better in their native land than here in the States. Luckily, I wasn't disappointed by several visits to Moshiko, a falafel and shawarma joint in Jerusalem.

The falafel were consistently tasty—crisp but not greasy, flavored and colored with fresh parsley, and often of a coarse texture that made for a great chew. But where Moshiko really excels are its salads. From tabbouleh to cooked eggplant to marinated cabbage, the salads are fresh and delicious. A fluffy pita is filled to the brim with hummus, tahina, falafel, and salads—and at most stands, they throw a few French fries on top for good measure. The result is a lunch that is gone too soon, leaving you wondering when and how you will obtain your next heaping falafel sandwich.


Ben Yehuda 10, Jerusalem Israel (map) 050-5356861

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