Punny Oscar Foods 2011


We got a kick out of these Oscar nominee/food mashup movie posters. [Photographs: David Gartner Photography]

Need last minute menu ideas for tonight's Academy Awards viewing? Here are some punny dishes we came up with inspired by tonight's nominees and some of our favorite recipes. Yeah, we're pretty big nerds.

True Cheese Grits »
Harry Potter and the Death by Chocolate Chip Cookies »
James Frank-o n' Beans »
Winter's Marrow Bone »
Or Winter's Scone »
Annette Beignets »
Mark Ruffalo Wings »
Or Mark Ruffa-loafa Bread »
Christian Kale »
Helena Bon-HAM Carver »
Jesse Iceberg Salad with Blue Cheese »
Michelle Will-yams »
Toy Story Three Bean Chili »
Javier Granola Bar-dem »
The King's Peach Pie »