Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 159: Thursday Nights Are Not For Fasting


A typical Thursday night repast. [Flickr: Jason Gulledge]

I have now been on my "diet" for more than three years now, and as you might have noticed I weigh in every Friday, just like I am about to do. What has that meant to my weekly eating habits? That Thursdays have been near-fasting days for me. I have had many a Thursday dinner of apples or banana or raisins. A toasted bialy would qualify as a Thursday feast.

There's just a few problems with my Thursday regimen. One, it's really stupid and doesn't promote sustainable eating habits, and two, it does not fit into a Serious Eats lifestyle full of review meals, taste tests, and sandwiches of the day.

So when Kenji asked me if I wanted to go out on Thursday night for a review meal, I reflexively said no. But then when he said that was the only night available, and that he had promised his lovely wife Adri that he would take her out for a belated Valentine's Day dinner on the night we were originally supposed to go out, I had no choice.

Then Erin compounded my misery by refusing our generous offer of a seat at our table because she was apparently too cool for us on a Thursday night. So there I was stuck on a two-top with Kenji ordering enough food for five or six, easily.

I would therefore like to blame Erin if I gain any weight this week, but that would be a cop-out.

And you know what? I didn't do a half-bad job of just tasting everything, and everything consisted of chicken parm, gnocchi, spaghetti alla chitarra, arancini. Hey it was a steadfastly Italian-American restaurant. What was I supposed to do, order a Caesar salad, dressing on the side? It just wasn't going to happen.

The Weigh-In

If I gain weight it won't be because of my Thursday night extravaganza. It's the rest of the week that did me in. Here goes: 225. Up two pounds. Two bad weeks in a row. Damn! I guess I should have started my banana regimen earlier in the week.