Cook the Book: 'Not Your Mother's Casseroles'

The word brings to mind outmoded Pyrex dishes of potato chip-topped tuna casserole, soup-soggy green bean casserole, and the dreaded turkey tetrazzini.

These Pyrex dishes were synonymous with convenience, filled with canned, processed foods and frozen veggies—filling and fast, sure, but certainly not geared towards the way we cook today.

But when you take away the gloppy soup-based recipes and childhood fears you quickly realize that casserole is not a dirty word, it's really nothing more than a baked dish. Using this definition, you quickly realize that we make casseroles all of the time. Macaroni and cheese? That's a casserole. Gooey bread pudding? Yup, it's a casserole. That mushroom and Parmesan frittata that you make for brunch? Indeed, another casserole.

Faith Durand, the managing editor of The Kitchn and good friend of SE, is helping casserole lose its bad rap with her newly released cookbook, Not Your Mother's Casseroles. Durand's modern take on casseroles makes for a cookbook that will have you rethinking your casserole prejudices. From savory breakfast bakes like Baked Croque Madame with Ham and Cheese, to one dish mains such as Oven Paella with Chicken, Shrimp, and Chorizo, Durand keeps casseroles full of fresh, healthy ingredients, making sure that flavors stay bright and exciting.

This week we are breaking out the casserole dishes to test out recipes from Not Your Mother's Casseroles. Preheat your ovens for a menu of baked dishes including Beet Gratin with Goat Cheese and Greens, an Alice Water's inspired Bread and Onion Panade with Spicy Greens, and a Lemony Chicken Pot Pie with Parsley Biscuit Crust.

Win 'Not Your Mother's Casseroles'

Thanks to the generous folks over at Harvard Common Press, we are giving away five (5) copies of Not Your Mother's Casseroles this week. All you have to do is tell us about your favorite modern-day casserole in the comments section below.

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