19 Breakfast Sandwiches We Love

As you've probably noticed, we sit around thinking about breakfast sandwiches pretty often here at Serious Eats. The question of what constitutes the perfect breakfast sandwich—the bread, the meat, the cheese, the egg—is entirely subjective. In this list of our 19 favorites in America, you'll find biscuits, chorizo tortas, homemade English muffins and more.

There are so many ways a well-intentioned breakfast sandwich can go wrong: improperly timed eggs, sloppy composition, unbalanced ratios. But these 19 are pretty flawless.They're the kind we'd set our alarm clocks early for.

Since there's no way we covered them all, please chime in with your favorites that we missed!

Or, click straight to the sandwiches:

Huckleberry: Santa Monica, CA »
Hayes Street Grill at the Ferry Plaza Market: San Francisco, CA »
Eggs Travagnza Cart: NYC »
Scratch Bakery: Durham, NC »
Cochon Butcher: New Orleans, LA »
Xoco: Chicago, IL »
Mike & Patty's: Boston, MA »
4505 Meats: San Francisco, CA »
Dahlia Bakery: Seattle, WA »
Seatown Snackbar: Seattle, WA »
Meat Cheese Bread: Portland, OR »
Hominy Grill: Charleston, SC »
Cafe Estelle: Philadelphia, PA »
Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen: Chapel Hill, NC »
Scups in the Harbor: Boston, MA »
Joseph Leonard: NYC »
Market Lunch at Eastern Market: Washington, DC »
158 Picket Street: Portland, ME »
Maialino: NYC »