Video: 'Ordering the Chicken' Scene on IFC's New 'Portlandia'


In case you haven't seen this scene from Portlandia—the new IFC show that spoofs the quirky culture of Portland, Oregon, which debuted last Friday—it's pretty hilarious. In it, Fred Armistan and Carrie Brownstein are ordering a chicken, but need to know, what type of diet was this chicken raised on? (Sheep's milk, soy and hazelnuts.) What was his name? (Colin.) Did he have friends on the farm? After this scene, the two actually go to the farm and end up joining the cult living there.

The second episode airs tonight at 10:30 p.m. Portland native/SE editor Maggie Hoffman tuned in last week, and approved. "It's sooo(ooo) Portland. It really captures my hometown. Down to her outfit. It gets the total weirdness that makes Portland unique."

'Ordering the Chicken' Scene on Portlandia