Top Chef: Who Are Your All-Stars?

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Another week, another repeat of Top Chef: All Stars last night! In lieu of a recap, I offer you my favorite Top Chef contestants of all time—and, as an added bonus, an auto-tuned video of Marcel rapping.

Life is so unfair. Just when I started looking forward to Wednesday nights, Bravo let me down by airing yet another repeat episode of Top Chef: All Stars. I actually had to turn the TV off and read a book instead. Can you believe the nerve of those people!

I do have some good news, though. Remember two weeks ago when Marcel randomly turned into Eminem and started yelling at Dale on the balcony? Well, the repeat episode freed up some time for Bravo's editors to whip together this little auto-tuned video of the incident.

And let's face it: if there's anything the internet needs, it's more badly edited auto-tune videos:

Auto-Tune Video of the Day: Marcel Vigneron

Jill's Picks


From left: Jennifer Carroll, Tiffany Derry, and Fabio Viviani.

Since we can't talk about Angelo's wardrobe or the fact that the judges all seem to want to have Richard Blais' lovechild, let's talk about our favorite Top Chef contestants of all time! These are mine:

Jennifer Carroll, Season 6. Tough, talented, and the chef who should have won Top Chef All Stars. I'm still bitter that she was eliminated so early in the season, in part because of Jamie's "injury." But in true Jen Carroll style, she gave the judges an earful and went out on top.

Tiffany Derry, Season 7. Sassy, down to Earth, and cooks from the heart. You just can't watch this woman on television and not smile along. A class act!

Fabio Viviani, Season 5. Arguably the most entertaining Top Chef contestant, and definitely one of the funniest (best line of all time: "It's Top Chef, not TOP SCALLOPS!") Truth be told, I just want him to come to my house and make me ravioli.

Now it's your turn. Who are your favorite Top Chef contestants of all time?