The Rachael Ray Hot Dog Bracket: Our Search for the Best Hot Dog in the U.S.


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Every year in March basketball madness sweeps the U.S. as the NCAA championship tournament unfolds.* And once again this year, we at SE helped put together Every Day with Rachael Ray's annual food bracket. Last year it was pizza. This year, the magazine asked us to focus on hot dogs.

After more than 3,000 miles of travel and dozens of stands and wieners later, Ed, Hawk, and I narrowed it down to 64 contenders. Then, after much discussion, a few tense moments, and a little indigestion, we arrived at a winner. We can't reveal the top dog yet, but for now, here's the bracket.

We'll be rolling out subsequent rounds over the next few days. Update: Here are the 16 contenders in each region ...

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* Yeah, I know it's a little early to start thinking about the Big Dance, but our friends at Every Day with Rachael Ray just released the initial hot dog bracket seeding.