Recap: Top Chef All-Stars, Episode 6, Gone Fishin'

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If you like fishing, then you probably loved this week's episode of Top Chef: All Stars. The contestants spent the day on boats around Long Island, and then cooked their fresh catches on the beach for 200 guests. Fights were had. Ugly sunglasses were worn. Two people were sent home. And it's all ahead in this week's recap!

[Warning: Spoilers ahead!]

There was no quickfire this week! Instead, the chefs woke up at 4:30 a.m. and headed to Montauk for the elimination challenge. Tom and Padma split everyone up into four teams of three, and told them they had five hours to catch as many fish as they could.

I wish I could say something interesting or food-related happened during the first half of the show, but sadly, it did not. It was literally just 30 minutes of the chefs tooling around in the sun, punctuated by quick glimpses of Angelo's black underwear. Gross. I say we all chip in and buy that guy a better belt...or at least a pair of pants that weren't stolen from the back of Britney Spears' closet in 2007.

Team Dale/Carla/Tre caught the first fish, followed by a catch by team Antonia/Jamie/Tiffani. Sadly, team Marcel/Richard Blais/Fabio and team Tiffany/Angelo/Mike Isabella weren't having much luck. I think that's clearly because Richard's sunglasses scared all the fish away. I wonder which Kardashian sister he stole those from?

After a few hours on the boat, things started getting a little homoerotic on team Richard/Fabio/Marcel. Desperate to catch some fish, the guys started coming up with some..."interesting" techniques. Richard said, he was "sitting in Marcel's lap... holding his rod." I wonder if he was helping him fish, too! (Har har har!)

Sorry, Angelo. Maybe next time.

The chefs FINALLY got off the boat, and made their way to a local farmer's market to purchase ingredients. They then headed back to the beach to listen to Jamie whine and complain about the sand and the heat, and cook their dishes for the evening.

Finally! A Little Cooking!

Team Marcel/Richard/Fabio decided to cook only one dish as a team, which didn't make Tom Colicchio too happy. Tiffani/Antonia/Jamie made three dishes, while Tiffany/Angelo/Mike and Carla/Tre/Dale each made two.

The crowd really loved Dale's beach-y fish tacos, made with bass, corn, avocado relish, and creme fraiche. They also liked Antonia's open faced porgy po-boy's. However, the best dish of the night went to Carla Hall. She made smoked blue fish lettuce wraps with bagel croutons. The judges said her fish was cooked perfectly, and it had a great smoky flavor. Carla also won a 5-night trip to Amsterdam. Not too shabby!

The Double Elimination

Team Marcel/Richard/Fabio and team Tiffani/Antonia/Jamie had the worst dishes of the night. The judges hated the heavy, muddled flavors of the guys' dish, and didn't like that it was covered in foam. But in the end, Jamie and Tiffani F. were the ones sent home. Jamie served watery cucumber broth, and Tiffani left the bloodline on her bluefish, which made it taste fishy and strong.

And that brought this fishy episode of Top Chef to an end! What did you think of this week's show, Serious Eaters? It was Jamie's time to go, but I thought Marcel or Richard should have been sent home for that foamy mess!

Be sure to stay tuned next week, when Anthony Bourdain shows up and calls someone's dish a "perfect storm of awfulness." The horror!