Poll: Will You Miss the Old Starbucks Logo?


[Photograph: starbucks.com]

Last Wednesday Starbucks announced that they're updating the green logo, dropping the words "Starbucks Coffee" around the iconic wavy-haired Siren lady. "Even though we have been, and always will be, a coffee company and retailer," said chief executive Howard Schultz during the announcement, "it's possible we'll have other products with our name on it and no coffee in it."

Since the news broke, people seem split about the design. Why would they change it when, um, there was nothing wrong with it? While others like the clean, streamlined look. The new logo will be phased in starting March on cups and napkins. Take a look at the changing face of Starbucks through the years. Will you be nostalgic for the old one? Care at all? Take the poll! ยป