Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 153: Is Losing a Pound a Month a Worthy Goal?


[Flickr: Sarah Parrott]

Before writing last week's post, I looked up what I weighed on the New Year's diet post last year. It turns out that I had lost a pound in 2010.

Now I know some of you give me a hard time about not losing more weight. But as a commenter pointed out last week, it's the bigger (or should I say the smaller) picture that counts, namely, that I've kept the weight off for another year.

That being said, I do like the idea of losing a little more weight in a realistic time frame. So moving forward, I've been thinking about having a stated goal of losing one pound a month in 2011. So my goal is to weigh in with my new year's post on the cusp of 2012 and have the numbers on Thinner read 210.

I think it's a worthy and realistic goal, and I have to say, I'm really excited about this idea. I know 210 is still too much according to all the government charts.

But I know that I will feel even better than I do now (and I feel pretty good), I will be healthier for it, so those should be two powerful motivators. And even if I only lose another pound in 2011 it will have been another year of keeping my weight down. If it takes me ten years to reach my goal, so be it. Stay tuned.

The Weigh-In

It's been an okay week, but I am worried about a dreaded possible side effect of some medicine I'm taking, WEIGHT GAIN. That is one hideous side effect. Anyway, here goes: 223. Up a pound. I guess I've got three weeks to lose two pounds. Wish me luck!