Hey, Foodies: (Some) Chefs Hate You


Over on CNN food blog Eatocracy Jennifer Wolfe stirs the pot and reveals the tension simmering just below the surface when it comes to chefs and "foodies":

[Ron] Eyester [executive chef and owner of Rosebud in Atlanta] laughs, "The foodie feels empowered by their passion for food, which creates a false bravado of how knowledgeable they think they are about food. The ironic part is they're simply being spoon fed something from a food personality: 'Well I saw something on the Food Network, and why don't you have it?'"

"Well because we try to cook seasonably and that jacka** was probably in California."

To be fair, not all the chefs quoted in the piece knocked "foodies," and Wolfe quotes an unnamed Boston chef as noting that "there are different types of foodies, and most are tolerable."

I know that SE'rs are none too fond of the f word, and I'm sure there will be some gripes here about the term, but what I want to know is if you ever suspected chefs were rolling their eyes at the more ardent food fans out there. Is the disdain for foodies justified?