Scandinavian Street Food: Danish Æbleskiver For Christmas


Hot Danish æbleskiver. [Photograph: Kalle Bergman]

Get the Recipe

Before I moved to Denmark about 13 years ago, I didn't know about the treasure that is æbleskiver. That I missed out on this delicacy for almost 25 years still bugs me to this day.

Æbleskiver, which is Danish for "apple slices," are a classic Danish dessert primarily served during Christmas that resemble round pancake balls with a doughnut-like texture. The name is completely misleading though—the recipe hasn't contained apples for over a century. Served warm with icing sugar and jam, they're delicious and deservedly one of the country's most famous desserts.

During December, æbleskiver are sold at stalls at most Christmas fairs around the country, along with cafés, pubs, and restaurants. They're normally served on a paper plate to go, along with a large cup of hot mulled wine. Warms you right through!

If you want to make æbleskiver at home, one thing you must get is a cast iron æbleskiver pan. This pan features spherical indentations where you melt butter and pour in batter made of flour, buttermilk, egg whites, sugar, and baking powder (and if you want to go really old style, feel free to add a few pieces of apple)—without the pan your æbleskiver will be flat. To buy the pan online, check out,, or

God Jul!