Serious Heat: 10 Homemade Spicy Food Gifts

Serious Heat

Andrea Lynn, senior editor of Chile Pepper magazine, shares thoughts and observations from the fiery food world.


[Flickr: Sifu Renka]

Taking into account a person's food likes and crafting a homemade gift for them can be a thoughtful, touching gift for the holidays. The joy is not just in giving the gift, but also in making it. For the spice-savvy person in your life, here are 10 homemade spicy gift ideas from harissa to honey-chile butter. Do you have any zesty homemade gifts you make?

1. Spice-infused alcohol, like this Chile-Cello, a spicy riff on limoncello.

2. Homemade hot sauce from Do-It-Yourself Sriracha to Mango Habanero Hot Sauce.

3. Gift a mug with a bag of pre-made Mexican Hot Chocolate mix.

4. A jar full of harissa with suggestions on how to use it.

5. A bottle of margarita mix attached with ancho salt to rim the glass.

6. Create your own chili powder blend by combining a variety of ground chiles and seasonings. Give with a card of suggestions on recipes ideas incorporating chili powder.

7. Homemade biscuits with a small vat of honey-chile butter. A note to the really ambitious—make the butter yourself too.

8. For the food lover who relishes both cheese and spice, make Marinated Feta Cheese with Jalapenos and gift it with crackers or a nice loaf of bread.

9. Clusters of caramel popcorn that have been hit with the smokiness of smoked paprika and the heat of cayenne.

10. Homemade kimchee with the recipe included, so kimchee lovers can make it themselves the next time around.