We Tried Popeye's Fried Crawfish Special

Fast Food

Would you like fries (or onion rings or chicken tenders) with that?


[Photo: Robyn Lee]

The last time I went to New Orleans, my buddy and I ate a pound of crawfish while sitting on the hood of his car. They're like little Southern lobsters: little red crustaceans with small, but deliciously meaty tails. And in Louisiana, you'll find them everywhere.

So they're a logical enough fit for Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen, who, throughout the month of November, is offering fried crawfish as their "Popeye's Crawfish Special," a limited-time promotion. (Today, November 3rd, they're offering a free taste of fried crawfish to anyone who walks in.)

You can try Popeye's crawfish in a number of different ways. They offer the Tackle Box, a combo meal with fries, a Popeye's biscuit, and a drink, along with a portion of the crawfish alone.


Like their chicken, Popeye's fried crawfish were quite tasty. In fact, Ed Levine himself popped one in his mouth, smiled with delight, and said, "God, I love fried seafood"—before he realized they were from Popeye's. The first bite packs a bit of pepper and spice; on the second, you appreciate the crunchiness of the fried batter, which is quite light for fast food. They're small, and resemble popcorn shrimp more than anything. The taste you end up with is generic fried seafood, not anything one could really discern as crawfish (or anything else, for that matter).The "Creamy Horseradish" is a nice complement, not gloppy or sweet, although I find it to be more cream than horseradish.

If you're at Popeye's, I'd recommend the fried crawfish The Tackle Box is a solid option; the Cajun fries have good crisp and a nice amount of pepper and spice. The Cane Sweet Tea, thick and syrupy, might be skippable—but if you're craving cheap, fast fried seafood, you could do a lot worse than Popeye's.