Tune in Friday Morning for a Live Webcast with Harold McGee

That's right, Serious Eats is going live!

Friday morning from 9:30 to 10 a.m. ET, Serious Eats is happy to host Harold McGee, here to answer all of your holiday-related cooking questions. The author of On Food and Cooking and the newly released Key to Good Cooking is one of our culinary heroes. His contribution to food science and cooking for both professionals and home cooks has been unmeasurable.

To join the food science fun, all you need is a Twitter, Facebook, AIM, or UStream account. Check back on our page and start logging in at 9 a.m.. A live-streamed video and text chat line will open up where you can pose your questions in real time.

Ever wonder how brining works? What's the best way to get your pumpkin pie smooth and creamy? How come your mashed potatoes sometimes turn to glue? Now's your chance to get all the answers you've ever wanted!

Can't be here on Friday morning? No problem: just post your questions to our Talk thread. We'll make sure that the most popular and pertinent ones get answered on Friday. Check back later in the day on Friday for an edited highlights video clip.