Market Scene: November Markets in Boston

[Photographs: Penny & Ed Cherubino]

Living in the heart of Boston has plenty of advantages for the food lover. This time of year, we can celebrate the fact that many of our farmers' markets are popular enough and supported well enough to stay open until Thanksgiving week.

With this year's extended growing season, we're not only enjoying fall crops, but also a return appearance of favorites like scallions, baby bok choi, baby turnips, lettuces, and radishes.

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The Boston Public Market at Dewey Square bustles with workers from the Financial District buildings surrounding it.

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One of the newest farmers at this market is Lisa Dachinger from River Valley Farm in Lenox, Massachusetts, who sells grass-fed lamb and free-range pork. "We're thrilled and delighted to be here. The welcome has been amazing! Though we only started a few weeks ago, we're doing better every week," she said.

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Having the Clover Food Lab truck parked nearby is a definite bonus for this market. Shoppers enjoy great vegetarian meals and shop the farm stands at the same time. The slideshow contains a picture of the chickpea fritter sandwich, my food treat for the day.

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Over in the Back Bay, the winds at the Copley Square Market are infamous and have been known to blow down farmers' tents this time of year.


The cold winds can also make farmers like Casey Steinberg happy to have a warm drink. In this case he's sipping ginger tea made from the organic ginger he grew over the summer in unheated greenhouses at Old Friends Farm. This ginger is so good, I've even given it as a gift to special friends and favorite bartenders.

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Making a Return Appearance

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November Markets

Here are the Boston area farmers' markets that will be open this month with their closing dates.

Copley Square: until November 23 (map)

Dewey Square: November 23 (map)

Boston City Hall: November 24 (map)

Central Square, Cambridge: November 22 (map)

Charles Hotel Courtyard, Harvard Square: November 21 (map)

Somerville/Davis Square: November 24 (map)

Roxbury/Mission Hill Market: November 15 (map)

South Boston/West Broadway: November 22nd (map)