'Breakfast Grilled Cheese' from Mike and Patty's in Boston


[Photo: Carey Jones]

I've never had anything on the menu at Mike and Patty's in Boston that I haven't loved—and I've had just about everything on the menu. But what I really appreciate is that they do the simplest things so right, like this Breakfast Grilled Cheese ($5)—essentially a fried egg suspended in a grilled cheese sandwich. The pain de mie is a beautiful golden brown from end to end, every corner begging to be tugged off and crunched for a buttery bite; the egg is cooked until it holds its shape, but the yolk isn't completely set; the American cheddar is oozy and molten and in every bite. Classic breakfast sandwiches interplay the cheese with egg and meat and bread (and you can throw ham, or bacon, or another breakfast meat into the mix on this one, too), but this guy really is a grilled cheese, first and foremost. And what's wrong with a grilled cheese for breakfast?

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Mike and Patty's

12 Church Street, Boston MA 02116 (map) 617-423-3447