We Need Tasters!


Serious Eats is now accepting applications for the first-ever Serious Eats Community Tasting Panel. Here's the scoop: we're going to be working with some of the best distributors of high quality, delicious foods on the web to offer Serious Eaters the chance to pick up exclusive customized product packages that we've cherry-picked as the best of what's available. But how do we know that what we like is the same as what you like?

Well, we don't—so we've decided to ask you straight up, starting with our first partner, Primizie>. Sign up to be a member of the Official Serious Eats Tasting Panel right now, and if selected (we'll do it randomly), we'll send you samples of products we're considering for our "Serious Eats Stamp of Approval." All you've got to do in return is promise to fill out an easy online survey after you've cooked and tasted the goods.

As we add more products to our lineup, we'll be needing more and more tasters for our panel, so don't be discouraged if you don't make the first cut!

Now is that a delicious deal, or what?

Sign up here!

UPDATE: We've now closed sign-ups, thanks to everyone who has volunteered to participate! We'll be contacting our first panelists later this week by email. Thank you!