Ohio Farmer Lee Jones, Cultivating Commerce


A snapshot captures Farmer Lee Jones riding on a tractor with his parents in the first week of his life, and he's been farming ever since. Today Jones, in his signature red bow tie and overalls, leads a team of 133 employees at The Chef's Garden to supply the country's best restaurants with high-quality, beautiful vegetables.

The Chef's Garden—in Huron, Ohio, a few miles from Lake Eerie's shore—grows more than 600 varieties of vegetables, greens, and herbs, including 87 kinds of heirloom tomatoes and 300 types of microgreens. Out of the soil rise dragon's tongue beans, emerald crystal lettuce blooms, scallopini squashes and easter egg radishes. The farm sells eggplants of all colors of the rainbow, flowering cucumbers half the size of a pinky finger, and bright-yellow popcorn shoots.

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