Hotcakes from Pamela's in Pittsburgh, PA


[Photograph: Carey Jones]



Everything you need to make the most important meal of the day delicious.

Hotcakes were always synonymous with pancakes for me, but that was until I tried hotcakes from Pamela's, a cash-only breakfast-and-lunch diner with six locations in the Pittsburgh area. They are completely their own thing, somewhere between a crepe and pancake, with all the good qualities of each—slightly spongy and buttery to boot, with that brown lacey pancake design on the surface. But the best part of all are the crispy edges.

Pamela's is one of those must-visit institutions in Pittsburgh (there's a framed photo of President Obama near the door from his visit during the 2008 campaign) but all the hype is deserved. Mostly because of those crazy crispy edges. They're like the crusts of perfectly well-done latkes, all crackly, and you immediately fork-cut them off. The hotcakes come two to a plate, all rolled up and burrito-sized, stuffed with fresh strawberry slices, brown sugar, and tangy sour cream. You can also get them with blueberries and sour cream, bananas and walnuts, or bananas and chocolate chips, but the strawberry was our favorite.


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