Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 140: Can Dried Fruit Be Diet Food?


[Flickr: one2c900d]

Lately I have taken to eating raisins and dried tart cherries as snacks. I normally eat lots of locally grown apples and pears this time of year, but for some reason my local markets, Fairway and Citarella, have had little or no local apples. What's up with that? It's apple and pear season in the Northeast, but not at these markets apparently. Normally I hit my local Greenmarkets on Saturday and/or Sunday, but I've been traveling most weekends for the book, so that hasn't been an option.

Anyway, I know that dried fruit is pretty caloric, but I find that it's filling and delicious and even satisfies my hunger. I have been thinking of adding apricots and maybe even peaches to my dried fruit regimen. The only problem with dried fruit is that you can eat a fair amount of it without even knowing it.


It's been a rough week diet-wise with two serious days of eating in North Carolina for the book. I tried to eat as much salad and coleslaw with my barbecue and fried chicken, but I don't know how well I succeeded. Well, we'll see what happens. After last week's three-pound weightloss I'd be happy to stay even this time around. Interim weigh-ins have not been encouraging. In fact, Thinner reported some particularly yikes-inducing numbers on Monday. Well here goes: 222. Up two pounds. Not great, but not too discouraging either. Apples and pears, here I come.