Behold, The Spon: A Double Backed Spoon

Each year the winner of the World Porridge Making Championship takes home the Golden Spurtle Trophy—the spurtle being a a rod-like kitchen tool from Scotland used to stir oatmeal while it cooks—but this year's winner didn't spurtle his way to victory. The 2010 champion Neal Robertson attributed his perfect porridge to the water from the hills above Auchtermuchty, Scotland, where he runs The Tannochbrae Tearoom, and his use of a Spon instead of the traditional spurtle.

...A what? As explain at, a Spon is "a wooden, double backed spoon that gives twice the power to mixing and beating." Although Robertson says he invented the Spon, I found a similar utensil at kitchenware store, which describes its use as such:

The rounded sides help push out lumps against the side of a bowl when baking and making sauces; plus beating and stirring is easier, and ensures maximum contact when pushing food through a sieve.

They should add that it can help you win porridge-making contests. Perhaps when the product is back in stock.

Have you ever used a double-backed spoon before? Will you stay loyal to your spurtle? ...Do any of you use spurtles?