What's Your Favorite Gas Station Convenience Store for Snacks?


[Flickr: mhaithaca]

While driving up I-79 to Buffalo yesterday, determined to find the best Buffalo wings and beef on weck sandwiches, Carey and I made a pit stop in Meadville, Pennsylvania. We saw the Sheetz sign off the side of the highway. We needed caffeine. Stretching our legs also sounded appealing. And Carey had never been to a Sheetz before! So maybe that was the real reason.

Anyone who's been inside Sheetz knows it's right up there with Wawa as far as happy-making convenience stores go. They have touchscreens for ordering coffee (fat-free, 2%, whole milk or soy—take your pick), the coffee isn't stale, the gum selection features flavors you've never seen before, the restrooms are cleaner than you'd expect, and they have a shake-making machine that looks like it descended straight from outerspace. Anyone else get as excited to stop at Sheetz? Or another gas station convenience store?