What Are Your Wine Discoveries?


He's only allowed to assess the bouquet. [Photograph: Maggie Hoffman]

In the latest issue of Food and Wine, wine editor Ray Isle recommends 100 bottles to drink now. Some of them are good values, such as Borsao's Tres Picos Garnacha and Veramonte's Sauvignon Blanc. (The Veramonte is one of several Sauvignon Blancs that made our Top Picks Under $10.) Other wines on the list are serious splurges: sure, Dom PĂ©rignon is great, but is that really how you want to spend $150? Isle's recommendation for grower champagne (from Pierre Gimonet et Fils) is probably a better value.

What's exciting to see is Isle's inclusion of wine from roads less traveled. The list includes some up-and-coming wine regions and unusual (read: geeky) wine favorites. If you like Portuguese wine, Isle recommends you consider moving beyond the Douro to lesser-known Alentejo. Can't afford Napa Cabernet? Try some from Red Hills Lake County AVA instead.

We'll be scouring this list for some new wines to try, but we want to know your wine discoveries too. What are your top bottles, Serious Eaters? Are there any under-the-radar wines that you love?