This Week in America's Test Kitchen: Charcoal Grill-Roasted Boneless Turkey Breast

Grill-roasting a turkey breast infuses it with the smoky flavor of the grill and is a nice alternative to the same-old oven-roasted bird. But it's not without its challenges. Unlike other types of meat, which stay moist and tender after a stint on the grill, ultra-lean turkey breast easily dries out, and its irregular shape can lead to uneven cooking. America's Test Kitchen has re-engineered this recipe to ensure crisp skin and moist meat.

America's Test Kitchen had three goals for its recipe:

1. Deliver a breast with all the richness and juiciness associated with thighs and legs.
2. Achieve crisp, well-rendered skin.
3. Get meat that was moist all the way through.

First, they salted the breast, then grill-roasted it, taking care how the charcoal was arranged. (The same effect is possible with a gas grill, too.) Although most of the meat turned out moist and flavorful, there were still desiccated spots on the tapered ends of the breast and in places where the skin didn't completely cover the meat. To combat this, ATK turned to a restaurant technique that's rarely used for turkey breast.

Watch the video here for step-by-step instructions or get the recipe at America's Test Kitchen (free registration required) ยป