10 No-Labor Labor Day Drinks


Each day this week we're rounding up our favorite no-to-minimal-labor recipes for your Labor Day festivities this weekend. So far we've shared appetizers, salads, and grilling recipes. Today it's time to glug it all down with something refreshing! Both boozy and virgin options included.

  • Daiquiri: Daiquiris can be full of trouble—be careful with this one! It takes its name from the Havana bar where many a daquiri drinker, including Ernest Hemingway, got their fill back in the day.
  • The Caipirinha: Think of the caipirinha as the daiquiri's Brazilian cousin.
  • Strawberry Purée: Just blend up some strawberries, add simple syrup and water, and spike if you so choose.
  • White Peach Purée: The same deal but with peaches! Makes a great bellini base.
  • Key Lime Granita: This recipe is super tart, like a lime FrozeFruit popsicle. If you want it less strident, decrease the amount of lime juice and up the water.
  • Watermelon Margaritas: This is the essence of watermelon flavor—sweet and just the tiniest bit tart with big chunks of frozen melon that quickly absorb the flavors. It also make a great snack after you've drained the glass.
  • The Michelada: Fresh lime juice, salt, and a Mexican beer are constants in the equation, and everything ranging from Worcestershire sauce to Maggi seasoning to tomato juice and Clamato wind up in different versions of this drink.
  • Buck's Fizz: While a mimosa is usually made with twice as much fruit juice as bubbly, the Buck's Fizz turns things around.
  • Bloody Marys: This will surely beat the pants off of any other Bloody Mary recipes out there. The base is basically a homemade V8, combining fresh tomatoes, celery, carrots, garlic, lemon, jalapeño, and herbs.
  • Basil Lemonade: All three major components—lemon, basil, agave nectar—meld quite nicely, with none competing for dominance over the others. Plus, it's refreshing as all get out. So that's fun.