Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 137: Can Apple Eating Help My Diet?


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

It's September, which means it's prime apple picking and eating season in most parts of the country, New York included. I love a freshly picked apple bought at my local farmer's market for many reasons. They're crisp and juicy and so flavorful, particularly Macouns and Pippins I buy from Jim Kent of Locust Grove Farm every Saturday at my local market at 66th and Broadway in NYC. They're good for you, they're relatively low cal and they are reasonably nutritious. Finally, they fill me up so that I eat fewer seriously delicious, more calorically dangerous things.

In fact, lately I've been eating at least four apples a day as an antidote to all the eating I'm doing for the Serious Eats book. So the question is: Can four apples a day keep Thinner at bay?

This is the first week I'm trying my new apple diet. Both my wife and I bought apples at our local farmer's market this past Sunday, so we had a lot of apples in the house, more than enough to test drive my new seasonally driven apple diet.

The Macouns were particularly spicy and good, the Macs were solid, the honey crisps were their usual crunchy, one dimensionally sweet selves, and the ginger gold I brought back from the Portland, Maine farmer's market was very fine.

Will the apples keep Thinner in check? It's a tall order, given my intense 48 hour city eating explorations I'm doing for our book. In Portland there were many, many baked goods and breads to try, along with serious paninis, duck fat fries, and Italian bread so good I couldn't stop eating it.

And this week I'm writing this from Chicago, where we have had many, many seriously delicious things already in our first day here, tortas and Chicago hot dogs topped with freshly fried and wonderfully salty french fries, and pancakes so light and tasty I thought they were going to float away.

The Weigh-In

I weighed in yesterday, before I left New York. 221. Up a pound from last week, but not too bad considering the nature of these book eating excursions. I think the apples are really helping. I'll certainly keep eating them for the next month or so, while they are still coming fresh off the tree.