Culinary Ambassadors: Grocery Shopping in Puerto Rico

Serious Eats' Culinary Ambassadors check in from time to time with reports on food fare in their homeland or countries of residence. Here's the latest! (Find out more about CA or join here!) —The Mgmt.

ca-puerto-rico-flag.pngIn Puerto Rico I have to shop around. I love Costco for some of my produce—tomatoes, lettuce, berries, and mushrooms for stuffing. It's amazing that Costco has the freshest produce in Puerto Rico.

I go to a regular supermarket for basics (like cereal, milk, and produce) that I do not need 10 pounds of at one time. I visit a health-food place to get my vegetarian goodies, like eggless mayonnaise, tofu, brown rice pastas, quinoa, etc.

No way you can do that daily or even all the same day.

MadelynRodriguez of Karma-Free Cooking

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