Cook the Book: 'Fresh from the Market'


On a recent trip to my local farmers' market it struck me that these first few weeks of September might just be the most exciting time of year for produce. The stands still had countless varieties of heirloom tomatoes, corn, peaches, and beans, but right next to these late summer beauties were the first signs of fall—crisp apples, and even pumpkins and squash.

To take full advantage of this seasonal produce limbo, this week we're featuring Fresh from the Market from Laurent Tourondel, a New York chef who made a name for himself by combining classic French technique with uniquely American ingredients. What sets Fresh from the Market from other seasonal cooking books is the refinement that Tourondel lends to his produce. The recipes are restaurant-worthy and the presentations are breathtaking, but the processes are broken down into simple, familiar terms and techniques for home cooks. Tourondel sets out to elevate the best of seasonally available fruits, vegetables, proteins, and dairy products by adding a few choice ingredients (think foie gras and rare mushrooms) and finishing dishes with a sauce or garnish that takes it to the next level.

This week is all about summer meets fall with a menu that includes some of the best of both seasons. We'll be starting out with a refreshing Concord Grape Spritzer, and a salad course of Ginger Marinated Heirloom Tomatoes with Watermelon, Burrata, & Spicy Arugula followed by Grilled Tuna Stuffed with Herbs and Tapenade, and rounding out the meal with a Honey Crisp Apple Cake.

Win 'Fresh from the Market'

Thanks to the generous folks over at Wiley, we are giving away five (5) copies of Fresh from the Market this week. All you have to do is tell us about what you are most looking forward to cooking this fall in the comments section below.